Everything you need to rule the Instagram world for an entire month! From pre-written captions to story scripts, we gotcha covered.

THE 30 Day Instagram Toolkit


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Let's be honest: Instagram is hard work. You have to come up with captions, post on your stories, grow your following, and engage with other... all while trying to keep a cohesive & curated feed. There are so many times we open the app, try to make a post, and then just close it out in frustration. 

So what would it be like to have a ready-to-go action plan for Instagram? A full system for posting online, interacting with your audience, and showing up with confidence every time you're on the app.

An entire month of done-for-you Instagram strategy designed to connect with your audience, level up your social media game, and take the guess work out of all things Instagram.

The 30 Day Instagram Toolkit


Just $23!

You could stop struggling to come up with what to say in your captions and staring at a blank screen waiting for that lightbulb to go off.

You had a successful game plan, ready to grow your following and raise your engagement on Instagram.

Imagine if...

You knew exactly what to say to jumpstart interaction with your followers & gain new leads and sales.

You went from feeling invisible on social media to being flooded with engagement & interactions.

What if everything was done for you? A month of Instagram captions, Story prompts, Reel ideas, swipe copy of Story scripts and so much more...

Reed has taken the headache out of creating captions! The content is attention-catching, relatable, and personalizable! 

- Amber Brogdon

Instagram is prioritizing reels right now and pushing them out to new people... who don't even follow you! This is a HUGE organic growth strategy & we'll give you everything you need to start brainstorming scroll stopping Reel ideas.

15 Instagram reel ideas

We all know Instagram Stories are a valuable tool... but what the heck are you supposed to talk about? We gotchu covered with 15 prompts to engage with your followers & build trusting relationships.

15 Instagram story prompts

Swipe my exact copy with done-for-you captions! These captions cover everything from introduction posts, to vendor spotlights, to selling your services!

20 Pre-written Instagram Captions

Here's What's Inside:


Plus these bonuses:

Our digital designer created 20 all new story highlight icons just for this offer. All you have to do is tweak the colors to match your style & you'll instantly have beautiful branded story highlight icons!

20 Instagram Story Highlight Icons

Yeah we're giving you prompts for stories already... but how about 5 story scripts completely written out for you? These scripts tell you exactly what to say to get your followers interacting with you!

5 Instagram Story Scripts

 I’m Reed Gallagher, your queso-lovin’, Chick-fil-A obsessed, Houston wedding + senior portrait photographer biz owner turned biz coach. I’m here to help you grow your business by providing a simple, no-fluff strategy and a highly customized plan, so that you can stop spinning your wheels, trying to do everything, and serve everyone like you’re throwing spaghetti at a wall to see what sticks.

I started my wedding photography business as a high school student, walking between classes while responding to client emails at the same time. I shot my first wedding at just 15... and it's all because of Instagram! I'm here to help you take your business & Instagram game to the next level. I want to help you go from 𝘴𝘵𝘳𝘶𝘨𝘨𝘭𝘪𝘯𝘨 with raising your engagement and reach to feeling like an Instagram 𝘮𝘢𝘴𝘵𝘦𝘳 who knows how to rule the social media world. Let's do this thing!

Hey there, I'm Reed!

This Instagram Toolkit is a game changer for coming up with new content ideas for your Instagram. It is a no-brainer and I am so happy I grabbed it for myself!

- Natasha Coyle




You could keep staring at a blank screen unsure of how to grow your Instagram.

You could struggle to write captions that convert & talk to an cold audience.

You could continue running your business from a place of fear rather than a place of purpose.

It could be overwhelming...

You could show up with a game plan ready to connect & engage with your followers in a positive way.

You could have done-for-you content designed to captivate & build trust with your followers.

You could run your business from a place of purpose, confidence, and peace of mind.

...or it could be empowering!

Manali Sontakke

Seriously, this is SO good - one of the best ones I’ve seen for templated Instagram posts that allow each individual photographers’ personality to shine through without them having to come up with ALL of the words! So jam-packed with value and things that people can instantly start implementing in their own social media strategy! This is going to help so many photographers not stress over their Instagram strategy and stay consistent during their busy season when they want to consistently show up on the app while juggling photographing all the weddings and portrait sessions!

"So jam-packed with value and things that people can instantly start implementing in their own social media strategy! "

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